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Financial & Administrative Affairs Department

Financial & Administrative Affairs Department provides support and back up to all the different directorates of the ministry through performing tasks and activities regarding legal, financial and administrative affairs which include financing and financial resources, cost monitoring, accounting procedures follow up, providing financial consultations, supervising legal affairs supervision, providing different logistic and administrative requirements. The Financial & Administrative Affairs


The Main Responsibilities of the Financial & Administrative Affairs Directorate's are:
  • Performing tasks and activities regarding financial management at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and guaranteeing optimal utilization of the available financial resources.
  • Participating in the preparation of the annual budget law for the current and capital expenditures in the ministry, discussing and reviewing governmental organizations' and departments' budgeting projects, and supervising the execution of the budget clauses according to accredited legislations.
  • Managing, auditing, and following up financial aspects in loans and grants agreements, re-raising loans, and interest value variations. Reviewing financing agreements drafts to give professional opinion for decision making.
  •  Realizing all the ministry's needs of logistics and services including maintenance and cleaning services to all the ministry's facilities.    


Extension Email Director
+962-6-4644466 514 Nayef.Almashakbeh@MOP.GOV.JO Dr.Nayef Almashakbeh

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