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Internal Auditing Unit

The  Internal Auditing Unit ensures the integrity of any Financial and Administrative transaction, and audit all final statement, and budget. The unit also Ensures Compliance with law and applicable regulation and Ensure all the expenditure on all items of the ministry budget. The unit for the purposes of monitoring, evaluation and accountability will submit reports to his Excellency the minister and his Excellency the Secretary-General.

The Responsibilities of the Internal Auditing Unit:
  • Ensure the safety of all financial transactions, by auditing and approve the transaction for payments and to correct any mistakes discovered.
  • Simplify all the procedures relating to the process of the documents to be paid to the beneficiary and to make sure not to inconsistent with the laws and regulations.
  • Ensure all the directorates and units, at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation work properly with laws and regulations, according to the laws and governing legislation.
  • Follow-up with all the departments and sections of the ministry in all the correction actions in the financial and administrative internal auditing Unit reports.
  • Conduct research and special studies for the improvement of work at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation to detected irregularities and financial and administrative mistakes before they occur as much as possible and make sure to correct or justified it if it happened.
  • Study all the financial and Administrative decisions to ensure their compliance with applicable laws and legislation.
  • Verify all resources have been collected in a timely manner and documented and use as required in the action plan of the auditing unit
  • Verify all the records and documents and files.
  • Work on the development of all financial and administrative and ensure to work on the improvement of the new control and audit laws.
  • Write periodically report to His Excellency the Minister and the upper management regarding the financial Administrative internal auditing unit work.
  • Conduct sudden examination on the treasurers, warehouses and following- up and check how to manage the cash flow daily, monthly and annually.

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