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Shraideh calls for international support for National Water Carrier Project

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Nasser Shraideh on Wednesday urged donors and international institutions to finance the National Water Carrier project, a top priority for water security.

During a meeting with ambassadors and representatives of donor countries, banks and international financial institutions, Shraideh stressed the importance of financing the Amman-Aqaba water   desalination project, which will be fully implemented on Jordanian soil to provide some 300 million cubic metres of desalinated water a year.

Briefing the gathering on the Kingdom’s water challenges linked to the refugee crisis, climate change, population growth and the sectors’ needs, the minister reviewed the time table of the project, which is regarded as the most important national investment in the economic priorities programme for 2021-2023, according to a Planning Ministry statement. 

A conference is scheduled to be held next March to share donors’ commitments, the minister said, calling on the donor community to coordinate with their capitals to determine the amount of support to be announced. 

He also expressed appreciation for all the countries supporting the Kingdom, particularly the US, which has offered financial and technical support for this project since the initiation stage, as well as thanked the European Investment Bank for its contributions in the preparation of the project’s environmental and social studies.

The attendees emphasised their countries’ support for the Kingdom’s efforts towards realising the project on the ground, expressing commitment to offer grants and soft financing to the project meant to maintain Jordan’s water security.

The Water Ministry announced the completion of all documents related to the National Water Carrier Project, which is expected to be signed with the winning party before the end of 2022.

The meeting was also attended by the ministers of water, energy and finance who reviewed the financial and energy requirements of the project.

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