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I welcome you to the official website of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. MoPIC is a hub for Jordan’s international and local partners, ranging from bilateral donors, international finance institutions, civil society organizations, and the local private sector. Each of these stakeholders are working towards sustainable, inclusive development for Jordan. The Ministry offers technical support and local understanding of the evolving needs of Jordanian citizens, translating this understanding to the international community. It is through this that MoPIC plays an active role in harnessing foreign and local funds towards effective development priorities, including enhancing accessible public goods and services such as healthcare and infrastructure.

MoPIC contributes to the Government’s collective goal of an economy that works for Jordanian citizens, and that Jordanian citizens can work in. Jordan is blessed with talented youth, who make up almost 70% of its population. Moreover, over 60% of women in the workforce have a university degree or above. Developmental projects in partnership with the international community and private sector are focused on energizing these groups by creating job opportunities, enhancing working conditions for women, and supporting SMEs aiming to start their own businesses. Moreover, the Ministry believes that a steep learning curve is an opportunity for upward mobility. In this regard, enabling the capacity of Jordanian citizens is a priority in an increasingly competitive global talent market; thus MoPIC’s efforts include fostering quality scientific, cultural, and training partnerships.

Strategizing for the future is necessary for maintaining fiscal stability, growth, and generating jobs for Jordanian youth. In this regard, the Planning component of MoPIC goes hand-in-hand with the International Cooperation stream. As Jordan looks forward to economic growth, the Ministry – alongside the Government of Jordan and international partners – helps formulate Jordan’s long-term reform process. This entails guaranteeing that Jordan’s reform blueprint helps construct equitable and inclusive growth through the regulatory environment and sectoral policies. It also includes coordination with stakeholders throughout the -implementation stage. This is to ensure that the country’s plan is disciplined, targeted, and built on a solid foundation to uphold its national priorities.

Jordan has displayed an unwavering commitment to be and create good global citizens. A significant component of MoPIC is dedicated towards supporting Jordan’s unprecedented role in providing a global public good for the region and beyond in hosting refugees. The Jordan Response Plan and other initiatives aim to sustain the hospitable role of Jordan’s host communities, addressing the strains on services (such as education), energy, and the already scarce water supply.

Not only does the Ministry play a significant role in coordinating with international organizations and projecting Jordan’s narrative globally, but it also looks domestically towards the decentralization process. MoPIC is the hub for Jordan’s active Civil Society Organizations and local agencies, empowering them in line with His Majesty King Abdullah II’s Sixth Discussion Paper. This includes building their productivity and capacity, and acting as a channel for these local institutions to reach markets and international agencies, equalizing their path towards socioeconomic prosperity.

The Ministry prioritizes evidence-based policy towards Jordan’s economy. For this purpose, it collaborates with local and international agencies to compile and compute objective, accessible data. This is essential in fostering policy based on causes of economic concerns, not solely symptoms.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation

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