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International Cooperation Department

   International Cooperation Department provides developmental projects financing and continuous search for financing opportunities, identifying their utilization conditions, coordinating the available financing distribution to different developmental projects and programs in cooperation with the granting countries and parties. International Cooperation Department also improves cooperation relations with granting parties, and builds up relationships with new parties in order to provide technical and financial support for developmental projects in the Kingdom.

The main responsibilities of the International Cooperation Department are:
  1. Improving aids coordination techniques, managing financing operations for different developmental projects and programs and, according to protocol monitoring the commitment of financing sources to agreed on aids programs.
  2. Collecting information on Jordan needs for aids, and external economic support, and prepare analytical studies in this topic.
  3. Maintaining external parties' cooperation relationships to provide financial and technical support for developmental projects through setting suitable plans and programs. As well as building and developing mutual relationships with granting parties and countries in order to provide financial and technical support for developmental projects through aid programs and loans from granting parties and countries.
  4. Continuous search for available financing opportunities, conditions and techniques of utilizing those opportunities, continuous information update, and provide the granting parties and countries with a database.
  5. Finding suitable financing sources for the developmental projects taking into consideration projects nature and granting sources conditions and approaches.
  6. Preparing for financing agreements and/or economic and technical cooperation, following up all necessary procedures for executing annual aids programs and agreements. Studying, analyzing and solving the problems that face financing programs and agreements.
  7. Developing cultural relations with external parties to make use of available qualifications and expertise to fulfill human resources training needs in public sector, in addition to preparing cultural agreements and realizing public sector needs of foreign experts.


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Emad Shanaah

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