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Development Plans and Programs Department

The Department of Development Plans and Programs prepares, revises, updates and formulates long-term socio-economic vision which blends in the National Agenda, and translates the national initiatives into executive development programs harmonized with the socio-economic national objectives, prepared in a participatory way with all the concerned institutions included.  Moreover, the department actively participates in preparing the sectorial strategies and propose policies which should lead to achieving the national objectives, adopt mechanisms and development planning tools and build the development planning capacities of the executing agencies, the department also participates in identifying the development priorities of external assistance, set the mechanisms to follow-up the plans and programs and publish the follow up reports.

The first level / Planning
The National Agenda 2020
  • Prepare the methodology for identifying the future socio-economic vision, through revising and updating the national agenda for the year 2020.
  • Formation of the different work groups, setting up their work frame and the timeframe for completion.
  • Identification of the pillars and the structure for the national agenda 2020.
  • Identification of the sectorial structure through the results oriented approach for the year 2020.
  • Provision of references, data and information which could help in the revision and updating process.
  • Participate in forming the macroeconomic and social indicators, specify the results targeted throughout until 2020.
  • Provide the support for building the institutional capacities of the work groups, in order for them to prepare the draft documents of the sectors.
  • Audit the data and information and help in wording the national agenda document.
  • Build a data base for the indicators of the national agenda and publish follow up and analysis reports.
  • Conduct mid-term evaluation for the national agenda 2020.   
Developmental Sectors
  • Coordinate and participate in formulating the sectorial socio-economic strategies related to the objectives of the national agenda.
  • Analyze all the studies and sectorial reports of both the executing and international bodies.
  •  Coordinate for the international funding missions
  • Conduct sectorial analysis and identify the obstacles
  • Propose solutions and policies for escalating development sectors
  • Set up a database for the sectorial indicators that will help learn about the development of the sector
  • Identify priorities in a direction that will make optimal use of the international strategic cooperation with funding agencies and international organizations.
  • Unify the concepts, related to socio-economic sectors, among all concerned bodies
  • Participate in assessing the project proposals’ in order to help make them harmonious with the sectorial priorities
Executive Development Programs
  • Translate the outputs of the National Agenda into executive plans of action
  • Coordinate for the preparation of the socio-economic plans and executive programs, working in a participatory way with all concerned bodies
  • Integrate the strategies, initiatives, and millennium development goals into the executive programs
  • Participate in setting a scientific mechanism to set the priority within  the sector in a results-oriented approach, and consequently build an ambitious mathematical model
  • Participate in setting the quantitative macroeconomic frame
  • Augment the existing or available financial resources according to development priorities
  • Streamline the external financing according to national development priorities
  • Participate in formulating long and short term sectorial objectives which will lead to the achievement of the national objectives
  • Adopt mechanisms and strategic planning tools, reinforce and build the capacities of the concerned bodies in order to strategically plan the sector
  •  Unify the concepts among all concerned bodies of a sector, in order to institutionalize the planning of the sector
  • Participate in assessing and analyzing the sectors, identify the problems, obstacles and challenges, and propose the suitable solutions that will help reinforce the competitiveness of the sectors both regionally and internationally
  • Participate in determination of the future outlook of the sector that will support the opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Ensure comprehensiveness and integration among sector’s policies, and fully among the different sectors to be linked with the national objectives 
  • Build the institutional capacities of the concerned bodies in areas of development planning, follow up and evaluation

Second level/ monitoring
  • Build an effective follow-up system at all levels of the National Agenda indicators, development sectors and executive programs
  • Participate in collecting and analyzing the sectorial data. Follow-up the most significant projects and programs
  • Analyze completion or implementation data at all levels,  and prepare the relevant  reports to be submitted to concerned authorities
  • Build the institutional capacities of the concerned bodies in monitoring and evaluation
  • Study the reports of the projects that are financed internationally and propose recommendations
  • Build a databank for Jordan’s position in the international indicators index and explore ways to improve the Jordan’s position
  • Study the comments on the proposed legislations and their impact on the development sectors and programs
  • Participate in identifying development priorities of external assistance and the financial gap
  • Participate in formulating project performance indicators and mechanisms for measurement
  • Follow-up implementation of projects against their work plans
  • Follow-up implantation of millennium development goals and issue periodical reports


:Tel Email Acting Director
+962-6-4644466 ext.307 Lamia.Alzoabi@mop.gov.jo Eng. Lamia Zoubi

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