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Departments and units

Information Technology and Archiving Department

Department Objectives:

To Maximize Ministry’s Electronic Readiness according to e-government program and to utilize available IT resources to help building a Learning Organization.

  Department Tasks includes:
  • Setting/Implementing Action Plans to Computerize Ministry’s Internal Procedures and Defining/Supplying needed both Hardware and software.
  • Working toward building electronic Knowledge systems at the Ministry and conducting necessary Training for that.
  • Developing of Information Systems for different Activities and Procedures in the Ministry.
  • Contributing in different Technical IT committees (Specs, RFPs and studying offers).
  •  Coordination with the e-government program/MoICT.
  • Contribution in studying and evaluating Government IT Projects Proposed for Financing through the Ministry and giving Technical assessment to Internal Projects Department.
  •  Setting/Implementing Action Plans for Maintaining both Software and Hardware systems at the Ministry.
  • Setting/Implementing Emergency Backup/Restore plans for IT Systems Information and Data.
  • Providing Technical Maintenance and Support for The Ministry’s Employees.
  • Coordination with IT Companies to Keep Updated on new Technologies and Signing Annual Maintenance Contracts for different Systems.
  • Maintaining/Developing Ministry’s Different Websites on the Internet.
  •  To Ensure Integration of all Information Systems and providing a one-stop-shop to access Information internally through using our own Portal (Intranet).
  •  Receipt and storage of all incoming/outgoing official correspondence to/from The Ministry, Filing, Archiving, preparing follow-up periodic reports, by using the Automated e-dewan Archiving System.
  • Follow up of Ministry’s Knowledge Strategy.


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