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Developmental Initiatives Funding Unit

Developmental Initiatives Funding Unit

The unit is responsible for proposing pioneering developmental initiatives throughout the kingdom, and reaching out with all stakeholders in that regard; in order to maximize the benefits of these initiatives and to make them sustainable. 

Duties & responsibilities

  • Designing, developing and funding qualitative initiatives, that add value to the national economy.
  •   Monitoring and evaluating the initiatives to make sure that the required impact is achieved.
  • Coordinating with related directorates and units within MoPIC to secure the required funding for the initiatives.
  • Building true partnerships with local actors, who are capable of managing and operating the initiatives and guaranteeing their sustainability, in accordance with MoPIC’s goals and objectives.
  • Motivating local development and providing the necessary support for empowering local entities to manage and lead the process.
  • Providing the required fund for the initiatives and programmers that target entrepreneurship and SMEs.   

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