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Invitation to Tender

Tender No.: EPP-CCP-04/2017

Request for Proposals (RFP)



Designing of two (2) pilot permaculture sites in Jordan: at North of Jordan Valley and Ghor Al Safi

An activity of the sub-project

"Building Resilient Food Security Systems through Extending Permaculture Design and Technologies in The Jordan Valley and Beyond"


Increasing the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to climate change impacts in Jordan through implementing innovative projects in water and agriculture in support of adaptation to climate change PROGRAM

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC)

Executed by

National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE)


Date: 18 March 2018

Country: Jordan

Description of the assignment 

The assignment is targeting a leading international consultant(s)/consulting firm to lead and consort or sub-contract with national consultant(s)/consulting firm(s) to form the needed team of experts to professionally design the two permaculture sites (full, detailed design that is implementation-ready) and prepare contractors’ tender documents for implementation. The leading international consultant/consulting firm needs to consort as well with a national renewable energy/solar PV consultant/consulting firm (the later needed to cover the solar energy system design component, and conducting assessment of energy requirements and the options available for renewable energy technology systems design). However, the national consultant/consulting firm could also be the consortium leader. In all cases, the name and contact information of the leading entity of the consortium who will be in direct contact with MoPIC should be specified clearly. The national and international consortium of consultants will carry on full designing of the two sites and preparing implementation-ready tender documents for the full on-ground execution of the civil and landscaping works of the two sites, which will be executed later on by local contractors/agriculture service providers to implement, supply and install the two sites. One of the sites will be in the North Jordan Valley (JV) region (suggested at Sharhabeel Station in the North of JV owned by NCARE) and the other site proposed at Ghor Al Safi region (Ghor Al Safi Station- at NCARE). 

The duration of the assignment will be 60 calendar days (including the days spent on revision of deliverables by client). 

Interested consulting firm much purchase tender documents and register their names in the tender purchasers record. The price of tender documents is fifty Jordanian Dinars (50 JOD) non-refundable, which must be paid by the tenderer to be eligible to submit a proposal. The amount should be paid at the Accounting Division at the address below starting Monday 19th (the first day tender documents become available for purchase) to Thursday 29th of March 2018 (last day tender documents available to purchase):

Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC)

Zahran St., 3rd Roundabout, Amman

Accounting Division B1 Floor

Upon obtaining the receipt of payment for tender documents’ price, a copy of the tender documents could be picked up from the office of the Secretariat of the Special Tendering Committee (Eng. Wafa Fahhad (Land number: 4644466-6-962-00; Ext. 646; email: wafa.Fahhad@mop.gov.jo) at the same physical address above. A copy for the tender documents will be posted at MoPIC’s site for view purposes only but interested consultants should pay its price to apply.

A tour visit to the proposed sites will be organized for bidders on Tuesday 3/4/2018. Bidders interested to join the field tour should coordinate with the Program Manager at the email address Ahmad.Abdelfattah@mop.gov.jo and copying the sub-project coordinator at MAJitan@ncare.gov.jo and sending participants’ names and mobile phone numbers to coordinate the arrangements for the trip. The gathering of all participating consultants and project team to head to proposed sites will take place at the Dier Alla Police Station located at Arda Triangle (Traffic Light), Dier Alla in the Jordan Valley at 11:00 am.

Any request for clarification on tender documents or assignment must be sent in writing to Ahmad.Abdelfattah@mop.gov.jo and copying MAJitan@ncare.gov.jo no later than Thursday 5/4/2018. Responses to questions of proposers will be sent to all proposers by email and/or faxes, without identifying the source of inquiry, to all consultants by Monday 9/4/2018.

Offers shall be presented in three closed and stamped separate envelopes; one including the financial offer (in Jordanian Dinars) including all applicable taxes; and the second envelope contains the technical offer and business profile of the consultant along with proposed team members’ CVs. The bid bond should be included in a third separate envelope with a value of (3% of the financial offer) in the form of a certified bank check approved (endorsed) by an authorized bank or using a bank performance guarantee (using the Performance Guarantee Form enclosed in the contract form) in the name of His Excellency the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation. The three envelops should be enclosed in a bigger envelop labeled with tender number and title: Tender No. EPP-CCP-04/2017; Designing of two (2) pilot permaculture sites in Jordan: at North of Jordan Valley and Ghor Al Safi. 

Where also the name of bidder and his address as well as the address of MoPIC above should be articulated on the external envelop.

Sealed offers should be sent to the above address no later than 1:00 pm on Tuesday 17/4/2018. Bids will be opened on the same day.

The employer has the right to cancel the tender without giving the reasons and without any financial or legal claim in favor of the bidders or any other party.

The awarded tenderer will bear the fees of tender advertisement regardless of number of advertisement. 

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