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Planning and Monitoring

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation is responsible for developing Executive Programs aligned with the Economic Modernization Vision and in the national strategies. This is achieved through a participatory and consultative approach involving relevant government ministries, institutions, and key stakeholders, including the private sector and civil society. The Ministry strives to ensure maximum efficiency in planning and implementing prioritized development programs and projects to enhance vital sectors contributing to the economic growth process, aiming for sustainable development and promoting social and economic inclusivity at the national level.

  Economic Modernisation Vision Executive  Program (2023 -2025)

International Cooperation

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation serves as a crucial intermediary between government and private institutions and external sources of development financing. The ministry is dedicated to mobilizing developmental assistance in the form of grants, concessional loans, and technical support from donor countries, development organizations, financial institutions, and regional and international funds. The objective is to support the implementation of national priorities and developmental projects across various sectors within the framework of the Economic Modernization Vision and its executive Programs, and also in line with the political modernization and the roadmap for public sector reform. In addition to these efforts, the Ministry actively seeks support for the general budget, aiming to uphold financial and economic stability within the Kingdom. It is an ongoing commitment of the Ministry to cultivate and strengthen international cooperation relationships between the Kingdom and its developmental partners.

  Foreign Aid Reports  Scholarships & Courses

Economic Reforms

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation is overseeing the implementation of a matrix of economic reforms aimed at maintaining financial and monetary stability in the Kingdom. These reforms seek to enhance levels of economic growth and create employment opportunities within the framework of the Economic Modernization Vision. Identified by the Jordanian government with support from the World Bank and development partners, these reforms encompass improving the efficiency of the business and investment environment, reducing the cost of conducting commercial activities, and increasing exports and investments. The Ministry has established a specialized unit to monitor the implementation of these reforms and provide technical support within the execution process.

To explore in-depth details on the progress of each reform pillar under the reform matrix and for comprehensive insights, please visit the Reform Secretariat website by clicking here

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